NASA OPSS Contract

TSI has been honored to support NASA through the NASA Operations and Programmatic Support Services (OPSS) contract. OPSS is a single-award Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) that supports NASA Headquarters and is available to all of NASA’s centers. The services TSI perform include administrative and programmatic support services and a full range of program management support to NASA. The BPA has a 12 month base period that started in 2018 with four one-year option periods and a contract ceiling of $48 million.

A one page capability statement focused on our NASA projects is available in PDF format.

During the lifecycle of this contract, TSI supported 61 NASA OPSS task orders across NASA Headquarters. A selected list of the divisions we supported include:

  • Office of the Administrator/Office of Agency Council Staff
  • Office of the Administrator /Chief Technologist
  • Office of the Executive Secretariat (OES) Information Coordinator
  • Astrophysics Division, Science Mission Directorate
  • Office of Human Capital Management (OHCM)
  • Office of STEM Engagement Cross Cutting Support
  • NASA Headquarters’ Human Resources Office (HQ HRO)
  • Planetary Sciences Division — Science Mission Directorate
  • HQ Office of Procurement
  • NASA Exploration Systems Division (ESD)
  • Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity (ODEO)
  • International Space Station and Commercial Spaceflight Division

Some of the types of tasks we support include:

  • Coordination of daily operational activities
  • Assist with communiques and liaison with internal and external constituents
  • Administrative support to senior level staff meetings
  • Handling business correspondence
  • Coordinate visits/greet and assist visitors in the office
  • Meeting coordination and support
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Travel arrangements coordination
  • Calendar maintenance
  • Newsletters editing and production
  • Data processing
  • Editing and proofreading, maintenance of documents, databases, and presentations
  • Support the development, implementation, and maintenance of administrative tracking and control programs and systems
  • Maintain and update electronic files, records, and data
  • Template development
  • Special events (including conferences, seminars, meetings, etc.) planning, coordination, and support
  • Information dissemination
  • Presentation research, preparation, and support
  • Interact with Mission Directorates at Headquarters, multiple NASA Centers and external organizations
  • NASA publications support & documentation management
  • Executive administrative support for NASA Administrators
  • Coordinate communicating with proposers and review panelists for the Science Mission Directorate (SMD)
  • Support all aspects of civil rights compliance reviews
  • Provide executive level operational, liaison, policy, and strategy support to NASA senior leadership
  • Provide process evaluation and improvement support

TSI maintained consistent Exceptional CPARS for many of our task orders. A selection of our customer comments are provided below.

Very rarely have I encountered a contractor that really listens to an organization’s needs as much as the Total Solutions management team does. They also do an excellent job of keeping us informed and working issues. As a manager, I am very thankful for how proactive the management team is.” Executive and Programmatic Support for the Planetary Sciences Division

The daily, careful and deliberate attention to detail has ensured that the OHCM has all information needed to make decisions and focus on critical tasks rather than administrative work.” Logistics Support for the Office of Human Capital Management (OHCM)

The management team is exceptional and staffed this high profile task (supports the Office of the Administrator) with qualified personnel that was able to hit the ground running with little to no input from the Government.” Market Research Support, Office of the Administrator

The contractor provided service/products of a very high quality. Even with the most challenging of assignments, the contractor pays attention to the details of any task given.” Logistics Support for the Office of Human Capital Management (OHCM)

The keen attention to detail and technical savvy on the part of the contractor enabled the human resources office to function at a high level and deliver quality services and products to the agency’s employees.” Human Resources Support/Services

TSI makes every customer feel as if their requests is just as important as the Administrator of NASA.” Receptionist Support

All of the steps taken by the TSI management team to identify the right mix of talent and tweak the work roles has benefited the government by getting the greatest return on investment.” Human Resources Support/Services

TSI management did an amazing job with selecting the right candidate for this office. She was a perfect fit. Management was aware of the different personalities in the office and was able to select someone that had the technical expertise but the social skills that were desperately needed.” ISS and Commercial Spaceflight Division Integration and Support

We would not be able to accomplish half of what we do were it not for the outstanding people that the contractor has provided. The contractor has done an amazing job understanding our functions, coordinating on employee needs and on communicating. We truly view the contractor as an amazing partner that allows us to accomplish significant ground breaking objectives for the Agency. We cannot thank them enough for all of their efforts.” Office of STEM Engagement

TSI successfully transformed the STEM Engagement Council into a highly energized and productive team. Under TSI’s leadership, the team initialed a new governance model that will provide oversight to how NASA implements the STEM Engagement function for the agency. TSI’s strong leadership skills eased the transition while facilitating the defining of the agency’s strategy for STEM engagement.” Office of STEM Engagement

Management is very effective in determining the needs of the office and staffing accordingly. Management also does an exceptional job with ensuring the staff is cross trained and the customer is aware of any issues in regards to scheduling and ensuring the office is always supported.” Headquarters, Office of Procurement